LIA – Layer Integration Arquivei

Exss IT Layer Integration Arquivei

Getting started with LIA

I am responsible for understanding the data (XML) made available by Arquivei and delivering it to SAP.

I was built through ABAP programming, leveraging the use of standard functionalities. I currently integrate the following scenarios:

  • NFe
  • NFSe
  • CTe

My goal is to automate the repetitive activities to be performed after the electronic receipt of these documents (XML) and for this I was concerned to be flexible and parameterizable to meet the different scenarios found in organizations.

By this I mean:

  • Automate posting routines, mitigating errors related to typing;
  • Speed up invoice creation;
  • Provide a complete view of processes flow, directing and monitoring employees in the execution of activities;
  • Easily track theflow of documents involved;
  • Reduce risk by tax exposure.

The benefits I deliver are:

  • Translation of XML TAGs into the SAP data dictionary, automating the input and speeding up the process;
  • Document status definition according to the business process;
  • Document classification criteria at the time of reading, allowing different flows in the mapped scenarios;
  • From / To values contained in XML and SAP master data, without requiring master data sanitation;
  • Monitoring the entry steps of the note (document) and merchandise;
  • Automation parameters of the documents to be created.

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